January Monthly Meetup Summary

Learning Topic 

The History of the New Year's Resolution

Every year millions of people around the world make their New Year's resolutions. But where did the tradition originate?  


At this month's meeting we discussed the history of the New Year's promise, and completed an exercise to help generate ideas for New Year's resolutions. Good promises take good planning and careful consideration, so the exercise was designed to help members come up with meaningful ideas for their New Year's Promise.

Feeling unsure about what you want to commit to in the New Year? Try the New Year's Promise Idea Generator yourself! Click below to download the sheet!




Featured Promise Story 

"There is no option."- A promise story

This month's featured promise story told the story of supporter Joel and his determination to change his life. Joel was born with a congenital heart condition that made exercise difficult ever since he was a child. He felt like he didn't have control of his life, so he would find comfort in something he could control: Eating.


Joel was 420lbs at the time this video was recorded. His food addiction had spiraled out of control, but he said it wasn't fair to his friends and family. He said "There is no option." If he wanted to be around to help people who needed him, the change must happen now.

Watch Joel's story to see the promise he made to his family and friends. 



This video is part of a series of promise stories from the lives of everyday people. We believe a video can convince people around the world to make a promise to better humanity. We believe this series, titled "A promise story," will inspire our followers to share their stories with us.

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December Unified Promise 

Refugee Welcome Dinner

For our December Unified Promise, we had the opportunity to host a dinner party at the offices of our partner nonprofit organization Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN) to welcome new refugee families. 


The dinner was a great success with 14 volunteers and 25+ refugees in attendance! The night was filled with great food, music, games and getting to know our newest neighbors through friendship and community.


Thank you to all of our volunteers for attending this event and making it a success.A very special thank you to the refugee families for attending and allowing us the chance to get to know their community, as well as Central American Refugee Center for working with us to make the event happen. 


January Unified Promise 


Every three minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia. For many, their only hope for a cure is a bone marrow transplant. 


Our Cleveland, Tampa and Denver chapters have held registration events for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and we're doing the same for Long Island! Members simply swab their cheeks and fill out the paperwork for this important lifesaving cause. 


Due to some logistical problems, we weren't able to register our members at Wednesday's meeting, but an event will be held before month's end. If you are interested in participating, please email our Chapter Leader at robp@becauseisaidiwould.com with your information!


This Unified Promise was inspired by Sam and Alex Kimura, two girls who sold their cars, bought a van and toured the country trying to save lives through this registry.


Click HERE to see their story


Get Involved!

 Volunteer & Paid Positions Available

We are still looking for committed volunteers to help fill Leadership positions for the Long Island Chapter! Check out the positions below. 


Unified Promise Volunteer

  • Organize volunteer efforts
  • Research charitable opportunities
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits
  • Manage projects and task lists
  • 10 hours-a-month commitment

Logistics Volunteer

  • Pick up food and supplies
  • Arrange for printed materials
  • Meeting set up
  • Event coordination

Communications Volunteer

  • Promote chapter through partnerships
  • Manage social media page
  • Event marketing

 Video & Photography Volunteer

  • Collect and compile pictures/content for the local Chapter & Unified Promises
  • Determine best practices
    • Capture Chapter members' individual promise stories


Part-time PAID position in 

Long Island:


Click HERE to view all open positions